Bridget Fleming  Downtown From Behind

WEST BROADWAY, Lauren Tinker, Model.

10TH STREET, Frank Alexander, Event Designer.

STONE STREET, Carey DeMatteis, Not for Profit Analytics Director & Brooklyn Advocate (mid World Cup) .

CENTRE STREET, Allison Beale, Fashion Publicist, Writer & Founder of George Public Relations.

CHARLES STREET, Stella Rankin, Event Specialist, Pinch Food Design.

PRINCE STREET, Andrew Carmellini, Chef, Restaurateur, Moonlight Recording Artist and American Traveler.

COOPER SQUARE, Nikita Shoshensky, Artist.



CANAL STREET, Monica Nelson, Graphic Designer / Art Director.

2ND AVE, Evan Clabots, Founder & Creative Director of Nonlinear Studio.

ATTORNEY STREET, Angie Ison, National Account Director AT&T.

CHARLES LANE, Christopher Roberts, Creative Director VICE MUSIC / The Creators Project and Jennifer Waiser, Actress, Singer (and lover of comedy, fashion and poutine).

GRAND STREET, Ted Royer, Partner and Executive Creative Director at Droga5 New York.

STAPLE ST, Kat Gillies, Fashion Stylist Assistant.

HARRISON STREET, Bianca Mahmood, one time Finance girl, Academic, Actress and Model.

COOPER SQUARE, Nikita Shoshensky, Artist.

CHURCH STREET, Kiel Mead, Designer (industrial, jewelry, furniture and things).