Fernando Moleres  Juveniles Behind Bars 2011

AFRICAN CHILDREN IN PRISON ~ Mohamed Conteh, 14 years, was arrested for possessing small quantity of cannabis and spent four days at the police station without food. The police asked for 30 000 leones (7.5 euros) to be released. After several months in prison he was sentenced to three years in jail or pay bail of 100,000 leones (25 Euros). He was living on street and dont have money. After the civil war thousands of orphands were living on the streets. It is an unwritten law that poor in most african countries do not have a lawyer in trials.The majority of prisoners spend years in jail before receiving sentence. Thousands of children in Africa are in prison with adults living in conditions so extreme that their survival is at risk. Should be on remand home but the law is not enforced. Overcrowding in prisions, violence, sexual abuse, promiscuity, malnutrition, infectious diseases, poor hygiene and lack of medical care are all common occurrences.