Eric Cahan  Sky Series Selected Works 2011

"I'm inspired by capturing light. Light as the actual revelation. The Impressionists' interest and application of scientific color theories - the changing effects of light and the study of tone and color - motivate my work. To me, the sun is the ultimate source of light, so it only seemed natural to pursue that source. My photographs explore the magical light during a sunrise or sunset."

Bridgehampton, New York - Sunset 7:48pm

Ditch Plains, New York - Sunrise 6:34am

Flying Point Beach, Southampton, New York - Sunset 7:51pm

Gouveneur Beach, St. Barts - Sunrise 6:34am

Hilther Hills, New York - Sunrise 6:52am

Main Beach, East Hampton, New York - Sunrise 6:31am

North Sea Harbor, New York - Sunset 7:51pm

Pacific Heights, San Francisco - Sunrise 6:35am

Palm Beach, Florida - Sunrise 6:33am

Puntana Cana, Dominican Republic - Sunrise 6:58am

Santa Cruz, California - Sunset 7:21pm

Stevens Cove, Block Island - Sunset 7:41pm

Two Mile Hallow, New York - Sunset 7:22pm