Goran Tomasevic  A man with his face painted in the colours of the South Sudan flag attends the Independence Day Ceremony in Juba
Arsenie Coseac  Untitled 2011
Paul Banks/United Nations  South Sudan Prepares for Independence 2011
Robert Schmidt  South Sudanese schoolchildren practice their routine for independence celebrations in Juba on Friday, a day before South Sudan secedes from the north and becomes the world's newest nation. 2011
Robert Schmidt  Two Southern Sudan residents wave flags as they celebrate the independence of the south from the north during a ceremony in the  new capital, Juba. 2011
Goran Tomasevic  A woman holds a candle during South Sudan's independence day celebrations. 2011
Pete Muller  Into Existence: Southern Sudan on the Eve of Independence - southern soldiers stand guard on the roof of the airport in Juba, southern Sudan's defacto capital city. 2011